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The Timber & Hardware Exchange is a business-to-business eCommerce system that provides Business Document Exchange between you and your trading partners using the Internet. The service provides you and its trading partners with a secure method of transmitting business documents (e.g. Purchase Orders, Invoices, Statements etc.) using the Internet that is cost effective and simple to operate.

The T&HE also offers and supports a sophisticated Catalogue Services environment, providing industry buyers with accurate and up to date product information and industry suppliers the tools for managing and distributing that information.

In addition, the Timber and Hardware Exchange provides individual suppliers and their customers with an On-Line Ordering facility, leveraging the Catalogue Services and Document Exchange to provide a solution for suppliers and their smaller customers.

To access Catalogue, Document Exchange, and On-Line Ordering services you need to be a customer of the Timber & Hardware Exchange. To find out more, please use our enquiry form.

Hot Products from the Australian Hardware Journal

Keep It Clean

Keep your hands, tools and work surfaces clean with Macsim’s Industrial Wipes and Paint Removing Wipes. The wipes are available in two sizes that are stored in handy plastic canister packs with resealable flip top lids. Quick, easy and clean!

Macsim Fastenings
Tel: 1800 022 019


Got Your Measure

IRWIN Tools has introduced 12 tape measures in three different quality options to suit professional contractors, the home handyman and those of us that just need a tape measure. They come in metric and metric/imperial graduations in five, eight and 10-metre lengths.

Tel: 1800 331 491


Paint Mutation

Paints are designed for three primary functions – priming, undercoating and protection. Norglass PRi-COAT primes as it undercoats. It combines adhesion, filling, easy sanding, fine texture and quick drying all in one can. The winner? Consumers.

Norglass Laboratories
Tel: (02) 9708 2200


Air Duster

A unique addition to the Boston range of products distributed by Campbells Wholesale is the Blow Off Air Duster. It is suitable for removing light dust and deposits when chemical cleaners are not suitable or cannot reach the area to be cleaned.

Campbells Wholesale
Tel: (02) 9673 1322 NSW, (03) 9763 4433 VIC, (08) 9353 3354 WA


Cultured Bacteria

Roebic friendly cultured bacteria from Bio Natural Solutions targets a wide range of organic wastes and breaks them down to their natural basic eco-friendly constituents. It is used by domestic, public, commercial, industrial, mining and agricultural sectors targeting public amenities, schools, recreation facilities, aged and health care services.

Bio Natural Solutions
Tel: 1300 730 551


Numbers Up

Sandleford Hardware’s new range of NEO numerals and letters are made from 304-grade stainless steel for durability and style. Using modern fonts and available in two sizes – 85mm and 160mm – they sticks to virtually any surface.

Sandleford Hardware
Tel: (03) 9775 0699


Clever Idea

CleverWraps protect mobile phones and tablet computers from water, sand, grease, sawdust, paint and more, while still allowing full functionality. CleverWraps are inexpensive, disposable and simple to use. They come in three sizes to fit all phones and are the perfect item for the tool box, glove box, boat, workshop and more.

CleverWraps Australia
Tel: (03) 9018 7792


Dual Mode Vacuum

The Cleanstar Backpack Vacuum Cleaner not only sucks up dirt but also doubles as a blower. A whopping 1400 watts of raw power coupled with HEPA filtration make this the ultimate machine for cleaning. It’s lightweight and comes with a 15-metre-long power cord for greater reach. It is available in shiny silver or black finish.

Cleanstar Pty Ltd
Tel: (03) 9460 5655


If the Shoe Fits

The Wolverine Work Wear line is designed to move with you in your environment, providing the flexibility and comfort of an athletic shoe with the support and durability of a work boot. The range includes Safety Toe and Soft Toe options in a range of styles.

Tel: (03) 9540 0777


Get the Blowdown

The Rok Mini Blower has a 600-watt 240-volt motor that produces a disproportionate amount of power for such a small item. It’s Ideal for DIY consumers to blow sand out of an annex when camping and for tradies to clean up after a job, and it carries a two-year home user or six-month trade warranty.

Electaserv Trading
Tel: 1800 255 508


Tailor Made

Silca Silky keys are the innovative new key with the identification ring built in. Available in five bright colours, the popular TE2 profile has been added to the range, allowing you to service those customers with Gainsborough brand locks.

Tel: (03) 9329 7222


Garden Tidy

The Pope Hide Away keeps garden hoses tidy and protects them from Australian weather conditions. It comes fully assembled and can hold up to 50 metres of standard garden hose, with a compact casing and stylish design that will enhance any garden.

Tel: 1300 134 880